Communication Is Killing…Literally

Warren Chu

Our communication devices help us greatly. Cell phones are the new thing. Someone without a cell phone is gawked at, but are the cell phone towers actually helping us? The lights on the towers confuse birds and cause them to accidentally commit suicide.
Birds mistake the light on the towers for stars that they use to navigate. They will circle around as in a trance and will either run into the tower, run into the light and be burned, or plummet to their death from exhaustion. Stars are always in a fixed position that you will always be able to see the exact star. But the tower lights are also stationary, but do not move with the birds. The birds will then circle in a trance.
It would take more than $100,000 to change 1 tower. “It’s not just changing the light bulb,” said Anne Perkins, manager of industry affairs for PCIA, a trade group that represents tower builders and some cell phone companies. 

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