A Promise to God

Warren Chu

When Bich Vu was 10, he and his family were escaping from communist Vietnam and they were drifting out on sea for a long time. Vu asked his mother what to do and she said, pray.

Vu struck a bargain with God. He said, "If you save me and my family, I will give my whole life to you. " Vu and his family were rescued by a Japanese commercial ship 3 hours after Vu said his prayer.

Vu forgot about his bargain for a while until he was in adulthood when he remembered his vow.

He came home from a party one night and felt something missing from his life. He went into his room and opened his Bible. His eye landed on the verse about keeping your covenants with God. He remembered his promise and became and started to become a priest.

His family and friends had doubts at first. They thought it was too good to be true. Based on Vu’s character at that time they didn’t believe him when he said he wanted to become a priest.

But God kept his promise and saved Vu’s family so Vu kept his promise and gave his whole life to God.

On June 10, he became a Catholic Priest, he go on to serve God.

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