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Fund Raising 2010 and Dialogue 2010
Project W 2010

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Project W 2010

Report on English Enrichment Program, Project W, 2010

The Program ran from July 7 through 14, 2010.  There were 17 trainers with Tony Tsoi, Patrick Lew and Laura Lam as principal teachers.  There were 57 trainees who are English teachers with additional 5 students from high school as auditors.

As soon as we arrived at Kunming on July 4, we held orientation in Kunming Hotel.  On July 5 we continued with the orientation and purchased material required in the Program. 

We set off to Malipo on July 6 in a bus provided by Yunnan Province government.  The road from Wenshan to Malipo was under construction therefore traffic was very heavy.   It took us 11 hours from Kunming to Malipo.  Scheduled home visitation of a student CRRS USA is sponsoring was postponed due to time constraint.  When we arrived at Malipo, we were well received by the Malipo County Deputy Mayer, Mr. Zhang Xiao Hong, and his team. They treated us to an excellent dinner.


The Program was held at Malipo County First High School.  The Program was commenced on July 7 with the Opening Ceremony.   There were 3 classes, yellow (beginners), red (intermediate) and green (advanced) according to the result of the aptitude test of the trainees.   We started each day with songs and revision of lessons of previous day.  The morning sessions were mainly academic while the afternoon sessions were mainly interaction between trainers and trainees such as Show and Tell, games and storytelling.   We took lunches and dinners with trainees so that we had more time to communicate with them and care for them.  This was also time to practice English with them.


The Program was concluded in the late afternoon of July 14 with post training test and Closing Ceremony.  The sharing of trainers and trainees before the Closing Ceremony was touching and emotional.  Many trainees expressed their willingness to participate in the Program again if time and situation permit. 


On July 15 we visited Jiejipo Elementary School and presented our care and gifts to the students there.   We also visited two high school students, CRRS USA is sponsoring.  One of them was the scheduled one that we postponed when we came to Malipo.


We left Malipo for Kunming after breakfast on July 16 and the Program was completed.  We thank God for keeping us safe and healthy, and blessing us with a fruitful mission.


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