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Fund Raising 2010 and Dialogue 2010
Project W 2010

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Fund Raising 2010 and Dialogue 2010

Pls click here for details   San Francisco event     Los Angeles event
Dear Friend,
Culture Regeneration Research Society USA (CRRS USA) would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care for those in need and support to our ministries.


We have been upholding our vision to influence the emergence of a new Chinese consciousness - firmly rooted in China's proud heritage and open to limitless possibilities offered by a world rich in diversity of culture, knowledge, thought and creativity. This amalgamated enlightenment will become a rich spiritual resource for the whole world.  We are hoping that through the ministries of basic education, we are able to nurture more scholars, helping them to come out of poverty and to build a better society.

With your generous support, we had built 4 elementary schools in 4 years in the remote mountainous  impoverish areas in Yunnan, China so as to provide a good education environment to the students.


We have been sponsoring hundreds of college, high school and elementary school students as well as teachers who were unable to continue their education due to their families' financial situation so as to light up their hope of future.

We have been holding annual English Enrichment Program (Project W) for the English teachers so as to improve their English and teaching skill.


Serving the victims of Sichuan earthquake is our continuous project to help victims to rebuild their confidence to life as well as their homes.


We, on behalf of the donation receivers, deeply thank you for your kind contributions!


Our Society is conducting annual fund raising events on September 17 - 19 and October 8 - 10.  The total budget to support the following projects is US$460,000:

1.      Sponsorship for students in need of financial support to go to school

2.      Sponsorship for teachers in need of financial support for undergraduate education

3.      English enrichment for English teachers in rural Yunnan

4.      Building schools in Malipo and in Jinping, both are remote impoverish areas in Yunnan

5.      Sponsoring academic conferences and meetings, and scholar exchanges programs

6.      Sponsorship for a research center for Christianity studies in Lanzhou

7.      Participation in the PTSD treatment for the Sichuan victims.
We are looking forward to your continuous support to the projects of our Society to allow us to accomplish our mission to help those who are in need - they are not less of a people, just less of an opportunity.


Thank you!


If you cannot browse above embeded PDF document, please install and retart your browser. Or click here to download this document.

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